1967 Jaguar

E-Type Le Mans by "Design Velke"


1967 Jaguar

E-Type Le Mans by "Design Velke"


  • Enzo Ferrari once quoted, "The Jaguar EType is the most beautiful car in the world" and frankly he was absolutely correct!
  • Design Velke took this legendary design and raised the bar building what might be the new benchmark of the EType
  • Completely redesigned, shaped and sculpted by hand, this example is the definition of a Masterpiece
  • Powered by a race inspired 4.2L Inline 6
  • Custom 4 Speed Transmission
  • Finished in Stunning Ferrari Polo Red
  • Minimalist Saddle Interior with Aluminum
  • Dayton Wire Wheels on period correct Dunlop Historic CR65 Tires
  • This E Type was built on the vision to have the ultimate Le Mans and Race inspired example known to man
  • Simplistic and Raw, this Design Velke creation is one that sets the bar for the ultimate vintage Jaguar


If you are looking for the Ultimate race inspired E Type, look no further. This one of a kind hand crafted example is one you certainly do not want to miss.

Engine: The engine was built under the tutelage of Bill Terry from Terry's Jaguar. The engine block and rotating assembly are all Jaguar military issues. The block boasts a higher nickel content than a standard Jag block. The crankshaft is forged, as are the connecting rods which are steel forgings. The connecting rods are all hand-polished and balanced with ARP bolts. The pistons are by Araias and forged with a 9.5:1 compression ratio. Timing gears are all new Jaguar components with one-piece timing chains. Cylinder head is a later model 4.2 litre large-valve head built by Terry's Jaguar, including full race cams, .490 lift 279 duration intake, .480 lift 269 duration exhaust, new buckets and bucket bore retainers, heavy springs, and stainless steel valves. The porting on this head was performed by DesignVelke, along with the porting of the intake manifold runners. Carburetion is via three, 45 mm DCOE twin choke webers. Engine block freeze plugs are all safety tabbed. The entire rotating assembly, Pro Race harmonic balancer and Fidanza light-weight aluminum flywheel are all balanced along with the pressure plate.

Oil cooling: The engine oil is cooled via a custom oil filter console from Terry's Jaguar, feeding an Aerodyne oil cooler. The engine is being cooled by a Ron Davis aluminum radiator, Ron Davis aluminum header tank and Cool Cat 16-in. electric fan. The exhaust is all custom made by DesignVelke. The header tubes are all custom formed and welded by DesignVelke. The exhaust system is frenched into the body and mounted to the body with billet aluminum mounting brackets made by DesignVelke. Engine mounts are also billet solid aluminum from Terry's Jaguar.

Transmission: Muncie M21 4-speed completely restored by DesignVelke with a 5Speeds.com supercase, iron midplate, all new bearings, syncros etc. All hardware for transmission is custom-machined stainless steel by DesignVelke. Billet shift stick is by Joes. Billet shift knob is by DesignVelke. Light-weight aluminum drive shaft is by Terry's Jaguar.

Rear Axle: Real axle is all Jaguar. Axle carrier is Dana44 boasting a 3.54:1 gear ratio with a limited slip differential. All interior rear end carrier surfaces are coated with Glyptol. Rear end cover is finned aluminum and fitted with a breather hose to breather canister in the trunk. Rear axle was rebuilt with new bearings, clutches, seals, bearings, etc. by DesignVelke. Rear axles are all rebuilt using Spicer U-joints. All lower wishbone bushings are of bronze. All four rear shocks are by Afco with hyper-coil springs. Rear end carrier housing is solid-mounted to unibody with Terry's Jaguar patented central location plate, made of .675-in thick billet 6061 T6 plate.

Wheels: Wheels are by Dayton Wire Wheels 15x10-in rears; 15x8-in fronts. Tires are Dunlop Post-Historic CR65. 525-1050-15 rear and a 475/1000-15 front. 484 compound.

Brakes: Brake caliper housings are electroless nickel plated with stainless steel pistons and piston housings. Discs are non-vented but slotted and cross-drilled. Front upper and lower control arms are all shot peened and electroless nickel plated along with uprights. Front shocks are by AFCO and fully-adjustable. Front torsion bars are oversized and ride height is adjustable via an adjustable reaction plate.

Chassis: Front subframes are new chromoly units supplied by Martin Robey. Front picture frame and bonnet-hinge bracketry also by Martin Robey. Front bulkhead assembly original 1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2. Inner and outer sills, floor pans, all rear inner structure sheet metal including boot floor by Martin Robey. Lightweight 5000 Series aluminum doors by DesignVelke. 3003 Series aluminum boot lid skin by DesignVelke. Hand-formed steel rear wings by DesignVelke. Inner rear unibody frame rails made of 16-gauge steel by DesignVelke. Rear bulkhead area over rear end carrier 16-gauge steel box section by DesignVelke. Transmission crossmember by DesignVelke. Hand-formed, removable transmission tunnel by DesignVelke. Steel dash hand-formed by DesignVelke. Alloy floor pans, rear brake ducting all by DesignVelke.

Bonnet: Inner ducting original Jaguar. Center section by Martin Robey, modified by DesignVelke. Right and left outer wings hand-formed by DesignVelke. Alloy cockpit trim hand-formed by DesignVelke. Billet windshield uprights by James Barrett Welky. Center alloy by DesignVelke.

Fuel System: ATL 15-gallon aluminum fuel cell with shared rear axle breather. Holley fuel pump. Terry's Jaguar distribution block with fuel pressure gauge. All hoses are Startlite carbon kevlar braided with aeroquip fittings.

Electronics & Ignition: All wiring harnesses are new cloth-braided units from Terry's Jaguar. Distributor is Mallory. Electronic ignition is by MSD.

The car is finished in Ferrari Polo Red with a PPG Stratoclear urethane clear. The car was built between 2005-2010. This was a 5,000-hour build.


2018 | RESERVE, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2014 | RESERVE, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2011 | RESERVE, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2010 | 1ST IN CLASS, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2010 | PEOPLES CHOICE OVERALL, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans


2014 | 1ST IN CLASS, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2011 | 1ST IN CLASS, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans

2010 | PEOPLES CHOICE OVERALL, 1967 Jaguar E Type LeMans



Sub Model
Le Mans by "Design Velke"


Engine Size
4.2L Inline-6
Transmission Type
4-Speed Manual


Body Color
Ferrari Polo Red


Interior Color
Saddle with Race Inspired Alum.

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