1977 Hercules

W2000 Wankel



  • Extremely rare and hard to find Hercules W2000 Wankel Powered Motorbike
  • Noted as the world's first Rotary Powered Motorcycle
  • Produced from 1974 to 1977, this is one of the last off the line
  • An estimated total production run of only 1,800 units worldwide
  • Powered by a 294cc Sachs snowmobile style engine mated to a 6speed manual transmission with a chain drive final drive
  • This example has never been started, and only has 5 original push miles on it
  • This time capsule is unrestored, and is in as delivered condition, few imperfections but overall, in really great condition!
  • From a personal collection, then spending time in 2 Motorcycle museums, this example is ready for its next adventure
  • Finding a W2000 is rare, but finding one that has 5 miles...that's the needle in the haystack!


In 1969 Sachs took control of the firm and the Hercules name stayed, most notably used in association with the W2000 of the mid 1970s - The world's first commercially built Wankel rotary engined motorcycle. Hercules took on a very Japanese-look in appearance looking much like the venerable Honda CB750K from forks to fuel tank and seat. Its 294cc or 882cc (depending on how you measure) motor produced a claimed 27 bhp at 6,500 rpm and gave a top speed of almost 90 mph. But the rotary, which was marketed under the DKW brand in Britain, did not sell well, and recent production with the marquee has been limited to two-stroke motorcycles smaller than 100cc.
German industrial giant, Fichel and Sachs, had manufacturing rights to the Wankel rotary engine. To promote this radical new design, they had their subsidiary motorcycle company, DKW, design and build the first mass produced rotary motorcycle. Unfortunately, 1974 was the period of gas shortages, and while the DKW was fast, gas mileage dipped to under 30 mpg when ridden hard. Sales were disappointing and production ended. These machines were marketed as Hercules in North America. The next machine to have a rotary engine would be the Suzuki RE5.
The Wankel engine would form the foundation of the British experiments with rotary engined motorcycles which eventually resulted in the aforementioned Norton rotary bikes which would go on to achieve significant successes on the race track and at the Isle of Man TT.



Auto Model Name
W2000 Wankel


Engine Size
Air-Cooled 294cc Wankel Engine
Transmission Type
4-Speed Manual


Body Or Basic Color
Gloss Black


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